Ashley River Creative Arts Elementary School (Charleston County School District)

General Contractor: Cumming/SMG
Address: Charleston, SC
Architect: Liollio Architecture
Size: 78,000 sf
Project Responsibility: Structural Engineering Design

MMSA provided structural design engineering services for the Ashley River Creative Arts Elementary School project. Requested by the Charleston County School District, services included building renovations, planned demolition for a portion of the school building, and new construction.

Phase I involved demolition of the north wing of the existing school structure and construction of a new, 2-story classroom wing utilizing braced steel frame. The elevated floor consists of concrete slab on permanent metal frames. The built-up roof is supported by metal roof deck and a steel joist system. Exterior walls are brick veneer with light-gauge metal stud as the structural support system.

Phase II encompasses the existing facility structure, one-story overall, with various roof heights. As part of the existing facility structure, the media room is approximately 4,070 sf. The dining facility is approximately 8,870 sf, which includes 1,730 sf of corridor running north to south while also connecting classroom wings and offices. The structures have gravel-covered, built-up roofs.