Bob Jones University Museum & Gallery at Heritage Green

Address: Greenville, SC
Architect: Craig Gaulden Davis
Project Responsibility: Structural Engineering Design

Bob Jones University Museum and Gallery at Heritage Green houses a collection of art renowned throughout the world.  The project was a renovation of the former 1930 Coca-Cola Bottling Plant building.  For the building renovations, Michael M. Simpson + Associates, Inc. (MMSA) provided structural analyses that determined the floors at both levels and the attic framing were sufficient to support the anticipated gravity loads.  MMSA also provided design engineering services for the shell of the building by adding walls to stabilize the building shell.  During the demolition/construction administration phase, MMSA services included, but were not limited to seismic evaluation of the whole and the parts, demolition of slabs and structural horizontal members, cutting openings for doors in existing walls, cutting openings in existing floors for ductwork and other penetrations, and the reinforcement of any walls that were added.