Clemson University Littlejohn Coliseum

General Contractor: H. G. Reynolds Company, Inc.
Address: Clemson, SC
Architect: Michael Keeshen & Associates HOK Sport (Missouri)
Size: 95,000 sf (Existing) / 167,500 sf (Renovation)
Cost: $13.5M
Project Responsibility: Structural Engineering Design

MMSA provided structural design services for the renovation and new addition to the Clemson University Littlejohn Coliseum. Renovations to the existing coliseum include redesign of the two end line areas to improve sight lines and floor access, the addition of handicap spaces and elevators, and widening of the concourse. The roof structure has also been strengthened to increase the load carrying capacity and allow installation of a permanent rigging grid for special event and game-related equipment. The new Addition includes a new practice basketball court, men’s and women’s team facilities, locker rooms, weight room, training room, storage areas, and a new dock.