Clemson University Memorial Stadium West End Zone Phase III (Oculus, Bridge and Terrace)

Address: Clemson, SC
Owner: Clemson University
Cost: $12M
Project Responsibility: Structural Engineering Design; Structural Construction Administration Services

The Clemson Memorial Stadium West End Zone Oculus, roof-top plaza/terrace, and Oculus pedestrian bridge is the final phase update to the Memorial Stadium. The stadium expansion consists of a four-level steel and precast Oculus structure with a 40’ long pedestrian balcony bridge, rooftop plaza/terrace for athletic related special events, and gallery space.

The Pedestrian Bridge, located approximately 60’ above ground level, is constructed integral with the West End Zone Oculus. The Oculus bridge is 15’ wide x 40’ long, spanning the diameter of the Oculus, and is constructed of a concrete slab over metal deck supported by structural steel beams and columns. The bridge and Oculus columns are supported on a deep foundation system consisting of reinforced concrete pile caps and 16″ diameter auger cast grout piles. These additions completed the final phase update to the Memorial Stadium.