Fort Belvoir Warrior in Transition (WIT) Barracks

General Contractor: Clark Design/Build LLC.
Address: Fort Belvoir, VA
Architect: Torti Gallas & Partners, Inc.
Size: 194,800 sf
Cost: $38M
Project Responsibility: Structural Engineering Design
Project Delivery: Design-Build
Completed: 2011
Certification: LEED® Gold

The Fort Belvoir Warrior in Transition (WIT) Barracks Complex features two barracks buildings and a hospital style complex /campus. The buildings serve as temporary apartment-style housing for soldiers healing from various war injuries. With a total of 144 accommodation units for 288 soldiers, the four-story, wood-framed, “L” shaped barracks buildings, with each measuring 97,400 sf, are framed almost entirely with wood while also utilizing steel framing where required. The ground floor and foundation are a thick concrete slab-on-grade with turned down edges. The floors from the 2nd floor to the 4th floor are framed with wood trusses supported by wood frame load-bearing walls. Both structures are faced with a brick exterior. Each housing unit within the barracks offers individual private rooms within the unit and shared kitchen space.