Fort Benning MATOC

General Contractor: Caddell/Clark Joint Venture
Address: Fort Benning, GA
Architect: LS3P Associates, Ltd.
Size: 325,400 sf
Project Responsibility: Structural Engineering Design
Project Delivery: Design-Build
Completed: 2005

The Fort Benning MATOC Trainee Barracks projects consists of four Trainee Barracks buildings capable of housing 489 soldiers, a Battalion Headquarters (BHQ) building, Dining Hall, a running track, parking areas, entrance driveways, numerous training pits, and grading for a future 5th Trainee Barracks building. Three of the barracks buildings are set at a finished floor grade of EL 400 ft (MSL) and one at a grade of EL 399 ft. Based on the finished floor grades, the maximum cuts and fills in the building areas are on the order of 15.5 and 19 ft. Maximum fills in the planned pavement areas are up to about 21 ft.