Fort Benning SATOC

General Contractor: Caddell/Clark Joint Venture
Address: Fort Benning, GA
Architect: LS3P Associates, Ltd.
Size: 1,520,000 sf
Project Responsibility: Structural Engineering Design
Project Delivery: Design-Build
Completed: 2010
Certification: LEED® Silver

MMSA is the Structural Engineer-of-Record for this Design/Build Training Brigade Complex that included permitting and site infrastructure development on two sites (182 acres) and 1,517,518 sf of facilities: Brigade Hqs; Battalion Hqs (4); Basic Trainee Barracks (4880 beds) with Company Operations Facilities (20); Consolidated Battalion Dining Facility (4), Storage Buildings, Parade Field and Running Tracks. Project has been awarded LEED® Silver and includes Comprehensive Interior Design.