Fort Bragg Elementary School

Address: Fort Bragg, NC
Architect: LS3P Associates, Ltd.
Project Responsibility: Structural Engineering Design

MMSA provided structural engineering design services for the Fort Bragg Elementary/Albritton Junior High School Additions. The new addition to the existing steel, masonry, and precast structure is a single-story, L-shaped building and uses a relatively simple new structural mainframe system that consists of interior and exterior load-bearing CMU walls. The exterior wall system is split-face CMU veneer with load-bearing CMU back-up walls. The interior CMU corridor walls function as gravity load-bearing and seismic/wind shear walls. The roof framing consists of sloped light gage cold-formed metal roof trusses with steel metal roof decking, and built-up roofing with shingles. The new primary structural roof framing systems consist of steel metal roof deck with built-up roofing/asphalt roof shingles supported by pitched light gage steel, and trusses and wide flange beams where required. The steel roof deck functions as a flexible diaphragm, distributing the applied lateral wind and seismic shear forces to the interior and exterior CMU shear wall-resisting system. The primary building mainframe system wind and seismic forces will be resisted by reinforced concrete masonry shear walls. The roof deck functions as flexible diaphragm and distributes the applied lateral forces to the interior and exterior masonry shear walls according to the relative stiffness of the wall system. The lateral forces are then distributed to the foundation system.