French Broad Place

General Contractor: Metromont USA
Address: Brevard, NC
Project Responsibility: Structural Engineering Design
Completed: 2007

As Structural Engineer-of-Record, MMSA provided structural design services for French Broad Place. Built in 2007 in Brevard, North Carolina, this multi-use space is a four-level building and parking garage that includes commercial/retail space, residential units, and a two-story precast parking deck with a vegetative (green) roof. The building structure is designed with precast concrete walls, columns, beams, and slabs. The French Broad Place Interior Parking Garage is a two-story parking deck with a green (vegetative) roof and was constructed contiguous to the L-shaped building. The structure consisted of pre-cast concrete walls, columns, beams, and slabs. Site grading consisted of maximum excavation depths of about 10 feet in the northwest corner and little to no fill placement. Structural loading consisted of maximum column loads of about 500 kips and maximum continuous wall loads of about I 0 to 15 kips per linear foot.