Greenville County Courthouse

Address: Greenville, South Carolina
Architect: HOK Architects, Inc.
Size: 134,650 sf
Project Responsibility: Structural Engineering Design

The Greenville County Courthouse Addition and Renovation is a 134,650 sf design-build project. As a fast-track project, it was both designed and constructed in just two short years. The Renovation of the existing 1940s facility resulted in the addition of support offices for the solicitor, public defenders, and clerk of court while maintaining the exterior of the original courthouse. The new Judicial Wing addition consists of a three-story structure and basement. Housing judges’ chambers, eight courtrooms, and an inmate holding center, the addition to the building more than triples the number of courtrooms in the facility. It consists primarily of reinforced concrete frames, concrete shear walls, and spread footing foundations. The building basement level is used as a garage for passenger vehicle parking. A new, one-story precast beams and columns parking deck with a plan dimension of approximately 178’ x 120’is also located adjacent to the main courthouse building. The parking deck is designed for 231 parking spaces. A glass atrium now links both the old and new structures.

*Michael Simpson is the Project Structural Engineer-of-Record for the project (Work performed under HOK Architects, Inc., Greenville, SC office – now closed).