Greenville First Bank – Thornblade

Address: Greer, SC
Architect: AMI Architects
Project Responsibility: Structural Engineering Design

MMSA provided structural design services for three (3) separate branches of Greenville First Bank. The Greenville First Bank – Thornblade branch is a single-story office building with a structural system consisting mainly of wood roof trusses; load-bearing, cold-formed, light gage steel wall panels; and interior steel post columns for the gravity load system. The seismic force resisting system consists of a plywood roof deck, light gage steel wall panels and foundations. The plywood roof decking diaphragm system distributes the lateral seismic shear forces to the light gage steel shear wall panels. The lateral shear forces are then distributed to the shallow foundation system. The foundation system consists of isolated column footings and shallow continuous wall footings