Greenville Technical College Nursing & Science Building

Address: Greenville, SC
Architect: HOK Architects - Greenville, SC
Size: 60,000 sf
Project Responsibility: Structural Engineering Design; Structural Construction Administration Services (Michael Simpson - Structural Engineer while at HOK Architects – Greenville)

The Greenville Tech Nursing and Science Building is a 3-story, L-shaped 60,000 sf facility, with each wing representing the two functioning parts of the nursing program. The science wing is composed of chemistry labs, physics labs, microbiology labs and classrooms stacked in a vertical volume on the outboard side of the building. Likewise, the nursing wing houses clinical labs and classrooms. The inboard side of both wings is dedicated to faculty and administrative offices. The building’s exterior is articulated to reflect interior functions and to communicate connection to the remaining campus.

MMSA has maintained an on-going relationship with Greenville Technical College, providing engineering services for various projects that include the Engineering Tech Building, the original School of Nursing Building, and the Child Development Center. MMSA has also provided services for the Allied Health Building, a 68,000 sf building designed to accommodate 500 students.

*While working with another firm (HOK Architects, Inc.) and prior to the establishment of Michael M. Simpson + Associates, Inc.

Photo credit: HOK Architects, Inc.