Guilford County Detention Center

General Contractor: Balfour Beatty Construction
Address: Greensboro, NC
Architect: Moseley Architects, PC
Size: 400,000 sf
Project Responsibility: Structural Engineering Design; Structural Construction Administration Services
Certification: ACEC of North Carolina 2012 Honors Award

The new Guilford County Detention Center provides all basic service components to accommodate an ultimate population of 1,600 inmates. The 400,000 sf facility is an eight story building plus basement area, penthouse, and tunnel. Housing units include forty bed single cell pods, forty eight bed double cell pods, and medical/substance abuse units of single cell and dormitory combinations. The structural system consists of concrete columns and flat two-way concrete slabs with drop caps, concrete shear walls, interior masonry walls and exterior precast walls. The foundation consists of concrete spread footings.