Ridgeland K-12 School

Address: Ridgeland, SC
Architect: Liollio Architecture

Jasper County School District

A Kindergarten through 12th grade facility was planned to accommodate the Jasper County School District. Load-bearing pre-stressed concrete walls were provided to accommodate an aggressive construction schedule and a sturdy finish for many of the rooms. Elevated floors also pre-stressed concrete and with a 2” concrete topping.

Roofs over the classroom wings were gabled, standing seam metal, supported by structural steel joists and metal roof deck. Shallow sloping roofs over the kitchen, dining areas, as well as the library, auditorium, gymnasium, and administrative wings are of structural steel, steel joists, and metal roof deck. The roofs of the library, auditorium, and gymnasium were spanned with special steel joists to provide the required open areas without columns. Lateral stability is maintained by the load-bearing walls also acting as shear walls.