The Citadel Marksmanship Center

Address: Charleston, SC
Architect: Hussey, Gay, Bell & DeYoung, Inc.
Project Responsibility: Structural Engineering Design

MMSA worked in association with HGBD design team for the 16,500 sf Marksmanship Center for The Citadel for use by the college and the South Carolina Army National Guard. The facility includes the following:

  • A 16-point firing range with an automated targeting system.
  • An independent range ventilation system.
  • Range control room.
  • A 16-point air rifle range that is multipurpose and can be divided into two (2) classrooms.
  • Restroom facilities and storage spaces for tournament team storage.
  • Administration area.
  • Separate HVAC system from firing range.
  • Bulletproof separation of main firing range and the remaining facility.

The facility is an elevated structure constructed of precast concrete. The structure includes concrete piles, exterior and interior precast panels (exterior insulated), precast double tee members with a leveling slab on both main floor and roof. A 12′ wide entry ramp and stairs lead you from grade to the main entrance.